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The Knicks waived Maurice Ndour

Who dat dere too hot fi dem Knicks?

In addition to being an addiction that brings us heartache, anger, and occasional joy, the New York Knickerbockers are also a business. This means there’s an ugly place where 'people' morph into 'players' and then into 'pieces.' And then they are traded and bought out and waived and then they are gone and it is sad.

Today everyone's favorite Ewok satellite, the Forest Moon Maurice Ndour, was waived by the Knicks. Ndour’s contract would be fully guaranteed tomorrow, which makes this a normal move but also feels really shitty. This frees up some money and space and apparently makes good basketball sense. Fine. Whatever. I am always sad to see (most) players go, and Ndour is especially easy to root for. Here are some of his highlights:

Goodbye Maurice, with your love of Africa, your mother, your beautiful wife, and drumming. Thank you for making the Knicks more woke, thank you for always putting in real effort, and may your next team be over .500.

#natureboy #alllove #toohotfidem