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The Knicks have re-signed Ron Baker

Ron is back!

NBA: Toronto Raptors at New York Knicks Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA’s free agency period officially kicked off Saturday at 12 AM EST, and one of, if not the biggest domino has already fallen...right back into the waiting arms of the New York Knicks.

Ron Baker is back in the fold! The rugged guard with the magnificent hair made his own announcement just after midnight, scooping Adrian Wojnarowski and the whole damn basketball world. Legendary.

The details of his deal have yet to be announced, though Baker will probably make a tad less than the $201 million the Warriors just handed out to Steph Curry. Politics,’s all about politics!

Ron wasn’t involved with the Knicks during their last few days of Summer League practice, but he was in Orlando, and very conspicuously chilling with interim shot-caller Steve Mills.

Does this mean Ron might grace Knicks fans with his presence on the court during Summer League? That, too, remains to be seen. Either way, he’ll be with the ‘Bockers when they open training camp in September. And that’s pretty cool.