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SummerMavs 80, SummerKnicks 75: Luke Kornet sure can sling that 3-ball

They won two of the quarters, which counts!

Northwestern v Vanderbilt Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images

Hey we got some basketball to watch! Cool junk, friends! Let’s rejoice in this humidity as one. The gym was impossibly noisy and the low angle on the camera made it a little tougher to catch up with the action but it certainly looked like basketball. In the end the Knicks lost but kept it close after a really rough start.

Good things

  • Louis Labeyrie was really cleaning up in the mid range. He was just puttering along and taking what was there and eventually he stepped out and canned a triple from the top of the key. Love that guy.
  • Luke Kornet was really cleaning up from long range. He didn’t hit everything, and I’m electing not to count the desperate brick hammer at the end of regulation, but his confidence shows. He happens to be slow and predictable, but if you get caught out there, the Principal will punish you! Love this guy.
  • Ognjen Jaramaz just absolutely trucking fools. The sort of blankness about hitting guys and knocking them to the floor was refreshing. He seems to be saying, “If you didn’t expect a fair bit of combat, you didn’t expect to play basketball today, and it should sadden you.” Jaramaz also seems like a natural point guard and wants to keep everyone involved. He can’t quite turn the corner with speed but if he figures out how to wiggle in front of screens he might yet figure out how to make an NBA roster. Certainly has the attitude. I really love this guy.
  • More Jaramaz: He supposedly stepped out of bounds, but he nailed a corner three while getting his legs taken out. Clearly Ron Baker, and his brand new big bucks, paid the summer-zebras to cheat Jaramaz. Balogna. I still love that guy. Shocker, I know.
  • Canyon Barry made some good reads on how to cut (yes there were still some triangle options, get over it). He made some shots too. That skinny guy is gonna have a tough time out there against these bigger fellas. I kinda love him.
  • Knicks starters made a a nice big hole for the bench crew to come in and fill the deficit. I don’t care what season it is, if the Knicks aren’t Knicks-turating all over the floor- I don’t know what color of glasses to put on when I watch the game.

Bad things

  • Chasson Randle playing too loose and turning it over constantly. Seven turnovers on the day for Chasson. He does not look comfortable getting the ball up the floor while dealing with pressure. Granted the Summer Coaching Staff might not have really dug in to their press break, it was nice to see pretty much anyone else bring up the ball. Gotta use that body and shield that ball, buddy. Still love you, guy.
  • 21 turnovers total. Dallas really get underneath the Knicks guards, heating up the ball and encouraging the Knicks to trip over their own shoelaces. The games are a little shorter in Summer League so it’s really ugly to get such a high number. Counterpoint: The Knicks got 22 assists. I love all that stuff.
  • Nigel Hayes, who supposedly dislikes New York City, did not appear ready for this level of basketball. He isn’t without merit because he is a big old beast of a man. I just don’t think he’ll be with the Knicks for much longer than training camp. Rumored interest in Alan Williams shows that there certainly is a place for a guy like Hayes, but I’ll tell ya what, it seems like he needs to learn the curve. I love him anyway.
  • Marshall Plumlee. I love him the way he is.

What else

You know not too much really. Whatever. Had a little fun. Can’t honestly glean too much from this one game. Hopefully Chasson can tighten up that handle. In all likelihood they’re just trying to see how they get along and who can help out in a pinch. Certainly some of these guys, should they accept, will find their way to Westchester. Xavier Rathan-Mayes definitely had some glimpses and moments. I think I could learn to love him. I desperately hope to see more Jaramaz, and of course Frankie Tear Drop. Maybe tomorrow against the Pisrons!

Dang it!