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Locked on Knicks, Episode 150: Ron Baker Gets Paid

Get that money, Ron!

NBA: Chicago Bulls at New York Knicks Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

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Hey guys, it’s me! James!

I used to host The Frozen Envelope, but for the time being, I’m the new host of Locked on Knicks.

Wait, wut?

I bet a lot of you know Jared Dubin, the guy who hosted the first 149 episodes of Locked on Knicks. Jared’s dealing with some health stuff, and the Locked On network needed someone to take over hosting duties while he recovers.

So, for the time being, I will be hosting Locked on Knicks instead of The Frozen Envelope.

What does this mean for you?

First, if you subscribe to The Frozen Envelope, you’ll need to switch over to Locked on Knicks for now. Available subscription options are posted above.

Second, instead of a weekly podcast, there will be a daily podcast Monday through Friday. I’ll mostly be rolling solo, but I’ll have a guest at least once a week, and it’ll usually be someone from P&T. Same as it ever was.

So things are sorta different, but they’re also sorta the same, and they’re also sorta BETTER.

Hope you guys enjoy. See y’all tomorrow!