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Update: The Knicks have hired Scott Perry to be their new GM

Welcome, Scott!

NBA via The Undefeated

UPDATE 6:20 p.m.: It looks like Scott Perry is the new GM of the Knicks, and financial compensation to the Kings is the final hurdle:

So, welcome Scott! We'll be sending you a welcome package of JD and the Straight Shot's latest album, a pocket guide titled "How to Spot an Alcoholic," and Steve Mills' favorited coffee orders from his Starbucks app shortly.

Original story below:

It appears that the Knicks’ search for a new general manager could be coming to a close.

Adrian Wojnarowski and Ian Begley at ESPN are reporting that Scott Perry, current executive vice president of basketball operations for the Sacramento Kings, is the new front-runner for the job:

It would be easy to write this off as a total Knicksy move since the Kings are arguably the Knicks’ biggest rivals for NBA tomfoolery, but since Perry stepped in with the Kings in April, they’ve made some really good moves. First, they had a productive draft night, taking De’Aaron Fox at pick five and trading the rights to pick 10 (Zach Collins) for picks 15 and 20, which they used on Justin Jackson and Harry Giles, respectively. Then, in free agency, the purple monarchs signed George Hill and Vince Carter to short-yet-sizable contracts to mentor their youngsters.

So, small sample size and all that, but Perry seems to have a pretty good idea of how to run a team, particularly one with some good, young pieces in place.

But don’t take my word for it, let’s hear from the man himself! From an interview with The Undefeated’s Marc J. Spears a couple months ago:

“It’s all about the team, sacrificing and helping one another on a daily basis,” Perry, the Kings’ new executive vice president of basketball operations, told The Undefeated. “It’s all about development. We have to do a great job of continuing to develop and push young players to improve. It’s creating a culture that is accountable and conducive to winning. That’s the thing we have to do each and every day. You don’t wave a magic wand, but you commit to do it on a daily basis.

“I am very excited about this opportunity to help Vlade and ownership to get the Kings back to the culture they had a while back. There is a lot of young talent in the fold. Through the draft, we can create some pieces. It’s an exciting time.”

Just substitute “Knicks” for “Kings” and “Dolan” for “Vlade,” and that quote could very well describe what he’s walking into here.

In addition to his brief run as VP with the Kings, Perry has served in the Pistons’, Supersonics’ and Magic’s front offices in his 17-year NBA career. Notably, he was with the Pistons under Joe Dumars when they won the NBA title in 2004; he was with the Sonics the year that they drafted Kevin Durant; and during his time with the Magic, the club drafted Victor Oladipo, Aaron Gordon, Elfrid Payton and Mario Hezonja.

Here’s a little more reading on Perry if you’re thirsty for more. How’s everyone feeling about the Knicks’ potential new GM? Sound off down below.