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The Trail Blazers are trying oh so hard to join Carmelo Anthony’s list of trade destinations

Instagram recruiting has been initiated

NBA: New York Knicks at Portland Trail Blazers Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Today, on “As the Carmelo Turns”...

Yeah, there’s some new news about Carmelo Anthony potentially being traded. The sky is still blue, and humans still need oxygen to live. You could say today was just like any other day.

Check this out — CJ McCollum, digital athlete that he is, used the ’Gram to try to recruit Melo:

A post shared by CJMcCollum (@3jmccollum) on

Notice the “CSN” logo at the top. That’s how you know this is a legit recruitment job.

However, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN is here to poo-poo on that, for now at least:

"Portland's players are reaching out to Melo," Wojnarowski said. "Portland would love to get involved in this and become a team that Melo would consider. ... They would like for Carmelo to waive his no-trade and go to Portland, but right now, that's not something Melo's considering."


"You look at the infrastructure in Portland of CJ McCollum, Dame Lillard and Jusuf Nurkic in the middle, [and] Carmelo on that team in Portland? Portland feels like, 'You plug Melo into our team, we're as good as anyone outside of Golden State in the West.' "


"Sources tell me New York and Houston tried to pull Portland into a three-way, potentially a four-way deal," he said. "Portland does not have any interest in helping Houston, a conference rival, get Carmelo Anthony."

That was on ESPN’s The Jump today, which you can listen to here (the Melo/Portland stuff starts at around the 13 minute mark).

So, seems like Melo’s not really going to budge on his preferred destinations of Houston and Cleveland at the moment. Maybe Damian Lillard can drop a Carmelo mixtape to try to sway him!