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This Week in Knicks Social Media: The Jaramaztagram is Discovered

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O. Jaramaz IG

Buon Giorno, signore e signori. Come stai?

Our Lady of Anthony is on vacation in Italy and providing us with much eye candy of her, um, dolce vita. We don’t really know how much longer she will count as Knicks-adjacent, so let’s enjoy while we can.

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Also in paradise, and rightly so, are newlyweds Mindaugas Kuzminskas and his new wife Eglė Andreikaitė (-Kuzminskas?).

After a tough few weeks in Hawaii (with a brief popover home to get hitched) Kuz & Eglė headed to Bali for their luna di miele. Still, Cheese would like you to know that there are No Days Off:

Work everyday, everywhere.

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Both Kuz & wifey also want you to know that you will NOT be stealing their pictures. You know how it goes - get married and next thing you know all your social media posts are watermarked:

A day to explore beautiful island...

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(click through for some fine Kuz with monkeys fun)

spotted somewhere in the #jungle #bali #honeymoon #ubud

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Hopefully the copyrights are for some unscrupulous Lithuanian gossip rag and not we, your humble basketball diarists.

Moving on, your boy Kristaps Porzingis is a unicorn with a burn. We always suspected he had a sly side to him, but maybe hanging out with Kuz has brought out his inner burner.

Kyle O’Quinn has been doing a lot of photography in the off-season. Why have I not mentioned this previously? Probably because I have nothing snarky to say about it. However, Kristaps to the rescue!

thanks for the screenshot, joe!

This guy.

Last column we celebrated our nüKnicks and peeped their tweets and ‘grams. At the time, your correspondent was unable to find anything for young Ognen Jaramaz, the Serbian supernova. BUT BUT BUT leroy smith provided gold in the comments: Jaramaz’s Instagram. In Cyrillic! Which they use, sometimes, in Serbia! Thanks leroy!

So what can be learned from the Jaramaztagram? Awesomeness, that’s what.

There’s O. Jar showing he has a lot of balls:

Note the exciting uniform colors!

There are pictures with giraffes (cross that one off the bucket list):

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Pictures at pools:

Pictures with his girl:

Back to US...

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All quality posting. But even better are Ognen the tourist pics, as we trace his journey from New York for the draft to Orlando for Summer League. Ogs is living it up.

Checking out Central Park:

Finally some spare time to explore NYC with my bro @frenchtouch20

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Visiting Hogwarts:

Had a great time in this magical world!

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Hanging with Oprah:

and of course feeding alligators:

Good practice for NY!
O. Jaramaz IG

This kid is already a star in my book.

Our other n00bs are settling into the Knick way of life as well.

Damyean Dotson is facing one crucible of the young ‘bocker - Metro North:

D. Dotson IG

...and Frank Ntilikina is learning about another —watching the (summer league) playoffs from home:

F. Ntilikina IG

Get used to it, my friend. Sigh.

And to end on a low note (thanks, chiniqua!) a fond farewell to two departing Knicks, Justin Holiday and Marshall Plumlee. Public Justin was not terribly revealing, but he did leave us with these edits:

Shout out to @ashteng for the edit. Joint is dope! You did your thing! #3bae

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Forgot to post the last piece of @ashteng edit.

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And Plumlee, of course, has left us with a million little gems, for which we will be forever grateful. Fitting that we say goodbye with a shoutout to Holiday:

Picked up a gonna try adding some music to my life, watch out @justholla7

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Good luck, kids, and thanks for everything!