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Jeff Hornacek thinks Kristaps Porzingis is ready to take over Knicks’ offense

We are not displeased with this news.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at New York Knicks Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

After the SummerKnicks’ loss on Saturday night, Jeff Hornacek said Kristaps Porzingis was “ready” the main piece of their offense.

“That’s his next step in growth as a player—be able to handle some of that,” said Hornacek. “He’s going to have to take that next step of just taking over. He’s probably ready for that.”

You can watch that full presser here.

This wonderful declaration comes after Phil Jackson’s comments from April, where he said that KP wasn’t ready to step into more of leadership role with the Knicks.

Everyone thought he was nuts, and he definitely was. I mean, where maturity is concerned, Kristaps has always been pretty good. To come to the NBA at 19, handle the New York media like a vet and absolutely ball from the moment he got here is no small accomplishment.

Now, with Jackson gone, it appears that the Knicks are ready to ride with Kristaps as their guy.

What this means for Carmelo Anthony is still unknown. The front office has made their intentions of moving on from Melo pretty clear, and the statement may be Hornacek’s own way of saying the same. It can probably be taken as a further attempt to mend the fences with KP.

Either way, getting this type of statement from Hornacek is an affirmation of the freedom he’ll now get when it comes to Kristaps, and is also a sign that after last month’s trade scare, KP is absolutely the biggest part of the future of the franchise.