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The Knicks have hired Gerald Madkins to be assistant general manager

He previously worked for the Knicks as a scout.

Gerald Madkins looks on from the bench

Recently minted Knicks GM Scott Perry has made his first front office hire, luring Clippers executive Gerald Madkins to MSG.

Madkins worked as a scout for the Knicks from 2003 to 2007. The always-predictable Frank Isola hoped to troll Knicks fans by pointing out that he worked under Isiah Thomas (conspiracy!), but he also went on to work for the likes of Daryl Morey and Sam Presti before spending the last few years with the Clips. Also, Madkins’ time at MSG was pretty damned successful:

Madkins, a former NBA player, was highly regarded during his first stint with the Knicks which began in 2003. The former UCLA guard was credited with advising Thomas to draft Trevor Ariza in the second round.

So what does this mean for the Knicks’ hierarchy? Perry has his own No. 2 man, and he went outside the organization to get him. One would imagine Allan Houston will keep as job as general manager of the Knicks’ G-League affiliate, which is fine. Isola mentioned that Perry is interested in bringing in another executive to manage New York’s salary cap, which would be a massive win for a franchise that has traditionally pooped all over their cap. Here’s hoping Perry has the leeway to make some significant changes under president Steve Mills.