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Calling all P&T mailbag questions!

Send us your tired, your poor, your muddled sasses...

August nears, and August ain’t just dog days for baseball fans. Or dogs. For those accustomed to having our insatiable desire for news and gossip quenched 24/7, August is an endless death march through the Valley of Nada. So let’s have some fun with it! Send in a question you’d like to see tackled in a mailbag.

Got a trade you wanna share? Share!

Too young to remember what it was like when the Knicks were actually good in the 90’s, or when they were actually champs in the 70’s? Let an old head play Doc Brown to your Marty McFly.

Care to play What If?, and examine how the flap of a single butterfly’s wings may have changed Knick history? What if Allan Houston’s shot in 1999 rims out? What if Carmelo Anthony throws down over Roy Hibbert in 2013? What if Tim Thomas exposed Kenyon Martin as fugazi in 2004? What if Seth’s parents “had a headache” that one magical night, and P&T never existed? Ask, and ye shall receive.

Query away in the comments, or reach out to me via Twitter, and look for the mailbag next week. Till then, love thy neighbor as thyself.