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REPORT: Carmelo Anthony would waive his no-trade clause for Cavaliers, Rockets

A deal will still be hella difficult, though.

Philadelphia 76ers v New York Knicks Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Phil Jackson may be gone, but that doesn’t necessarily mean his arch-nemesis, Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony, will stay in New York. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski—yep, still feels weird to type that—is reporting that Melo would waive his ever-controversial no-trade clause for at least two teams, the Cavaliers and Rockets.

Cleveland has long been a sensible destination for Melo due to the presence of his best buddy, LeBron James. Houston recently jumped into the Melo sweepstakes by trading for another member of Melo’s banana boat crew, point guard Chris Paul.

Per Woj, Houston has been the most aggressive team at this point.

Houston has been proactive in pursuing possible trade scenarios for Anthony lately, though its discussions around the league have yet to gain traction on a deal, league sources said.


Paul has said that he wants to play with Anthony, sources told ESPN's Ian Begley, making that point before the February trade deadline and late last month.

The Knicks are reportedly refusing to take on Ryan Anderson and the approximately $60 million remaining on his deal, which...thank God. There seems to be little chance of a direct two-team deal happening between any of these teams. Time to go hunting for a third party, Knicks.