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Knicks Links: Frank Ntilikina turns 19, Anthony Mason gets his own sneaker

We’re still thinking about you, Mase!

NBA: Draft Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Sort of a boring weekend for basketball news, as most of the country devours MLB trade deadline rumors or watches soccer or goes outside or whatever it is normal people do. But there is still some Knicks-related stuff.

— First of all, let’s all wish a (belated) happy 19th birthday to rookie Frank Ntilikina, who turned 19 on Friday.

A Knick having a better year than the year before he joined the Knicks? Wouldn’t that be something.

Oh no...Frank is repped by CAA! It’s all coming together. This glamour shot reminds me of something critical to my basketball fandom: The Knicks may rarely surpass the Boston Celtics on the basketball court, but they will always look cooler and more handsome.

—Knicks director of player personnel Mark Hughes has been interviewing for other jobs of late.

I’m sure he’s well respected and all, but Hughes has been around since 2007. It might be best for everyone involved if he gets out of New York and spreads his wings.

—The apparel company Ewing Athletics introduced a new sneaker this weekend to honor departed Knicks legend Anthony Mason, designed by his son, Anthony Mason Jr. The design is extremely ‘90s—befitting the man himself—and features Mase’s number with a pair of angel wings. On a related note, I’d like to meet Anthony Mason if I ever get to heaven.

—Poor Gallo. OAKAAK.

—Finally, this was all over the NBA social media universe Sunday morning. I don’t understand what it is all about, but if LeBron is truly gonna be mad at Kyrie Irving he should punish the kid by sending him to the Knicks.