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This Week in Knicks Social Media: The New Kids

New Knicks! New Knicks! And also some old Knicks.


Hello my little chickadees! Look at us! We’ve made it through the draft and the great wheel of basketball has spun again. Can you feel the cool breeze of change blowing through the halls of the Garden? (yes this garden has halls shut up)

Since our last rendez vous we have gained three players (UPDATE: four!), lost two (as of writing), and shown the president the door. No, not that president, but still. Baby steps!

(This is where I was planning on putting reactions to Phil’s firing, but no, PJax’s axing from the team merited not a single tweet or Instagram post from the players. Interesting, n’est-ce pas?)

So without further ado, we’ll move on to the main event: Let’s say a big bonjour to our newest Knicks and pry into their social media accounts.

Frank Ntilikina, come on down! You’re the first contestant on Nix N00bs!

Frank has that sponsor game down tight.

A perusal through Frank’s insta (frank_ntilikina) shows an earnest young Frenchman who, in the Porzingis model, posts pictures of himself and his team.

The pictures are often moody and artistic!

The captions are bilingual!

and we get this great picture of France’s 2014 FIBA Under-16 squad, the night France beat Latvia (at home!) to become the best teen basketball players in Europe (KP was long gone by then, FYI):

and that’s pretty much it. 24 posts.

Frank’s twitter (@FrankLikina) is similar. Lots of cheering for fellow Strasbourg players, some RTs of draft stuff, not much more. I’ll give the kid a chance to develop a twitter voice - he only joined Twitter in September of last year.

There are some hopeful signs:


and, most intriguing,

Bienvenue, Frank!

Next contestant! Mr. Damyean Dotson, pride of the University of Houston!

Dotson (@staytuned21) is the other end of the spectrum, a prolific, cryptic, inspirational tweeter:

His Instagram (wholeteamdot) is sparse and mostly team and draft pictures. Damyean made sure to thank everyone for being drafted:

At least someone thanked Phil.

I’m sorry to report that everyone’s favorite Serbian draftee Ognjen Jaramaz does not appear to have a (public) social media presence. We will update you as necessary.

If these Future-loving kids are the future, what is beyond? Our NBA all-rookie friend Willy Hernangomez (who is STILL bopping around the beaches of Europe) has his eye on the prize:

@lukadoncic @alexsukki @jefferytaylor_44 #Menorca #boda #summer #family #friends

A post shared by Willy Hernangómez (@willyhernangomez) on

Go get us some Luka, Willy.

A bientôt!


Young Luke (@bigshin32) has opinions, and jokes:

I see great things ahead for this kid.

In addition, his instagram (luke_kornet) goes back excitingly far:


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