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Finally, a big name lands in New York: Sasha Vujacic’s family wine label!

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Listen to the Machine discuss the family business.

NBPA Player Portraits Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images for the NBPA

July 1 was an important day for NBA fans, as it marked the beginning of the ever-chaotic, ever-entertaining free agency season. But free agency wasn’t the only big unveiling to take place on that day. Knicks guard Sasha Vujacic’s own label, Aleksander Wine, finally hit the New York wine markets on the first of the month.

We here at P&T think of Sasha as something of a lifestyle guru. The Machine is simply better at living than the rest of us. Dude hangs out with actor Edward Burns at the dentist office, for Pete’s sake!

Sasha was kind enough to sit down with Complex to give oenophiles the inside scoop:

Aleksander Wine is a family affair—even as they lived a modest life in Slovenia, Sasha’s father always dreamed that one day the Vujacic’s would own their own winery.

“Our story is like the American Dream, in a way,” Sasha declared. And he’s goddamn right it is. If your version of the American Dream doesn’t involve buying your own vineyard, then you, my friend, are doing America wrong.

Happy Independence Day! Cheers!

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From its humble origins in 2010, Aleksander has expanded to include six vintages. Here we see a shirtless Sasha loading a barrel onto a truck. Family business indeed!

family @aleksanderwine : @ninabjekovic #nekotoodgorevidisve #aleksanderwine #teamworkdreamwork #themachine18

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People keep coming up to Sasha and telling him, “Don’t care about the quality of the wine; just sell it.” The Vujacic family ain’t about that, OK? They are putting in the work for the simple love of the wine-making game!

Hopefully soon we’ll get our staff sommelier, Chiniqua, to sample a bottle. Until then, keep following your dreams!