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The Knicks have contacted free agent guard Rajon Rondo

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They're talking, but not meeting.

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Chicago Bulls Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks are rumored to be so incredibly thirsty for Rajon Rondo that organic peanut butter oil has entered negotiations with the Mayor’s office to become the officially licensed drink of New York City. This is infinitely better news than Derrick Rose being so thirsty for a contract in New York that he would drink the city’s entire organic peanut butter oil supply. A major boon since the Knicks parted ways with an genetically modified orangutan prior to free agency. Rondo is no Milos Teodosic, but that’s not the issue. Or is it?

In Rondo’s prime he was an undeniably excellent-imperfect player. In recent years his excellence has bent the rims on the flat circle of his career. His defense has fallen completely off and he doesn’t like to let go of that ball until the last second. Nevertheless he knows how to hit the open man from all types of funky angles and feed the hot hand when they’ve got the hunger.

The real exciting thing is that the Knicks don’t need a point guard to pack much scoring punch. Last year Rose scored 18 points a game, but the Knicks lost 51 times. Now, I know what you’re thinking: Derrick only played in 38 of those losses! And you’re right, but who needs him? The Clippers, that’s who.

So maybe Rondo could sign a short term deal that will help elevate Kristaps Porzingis to what should potentially be an All Star season with so many top flight Eastern Conference players moving West. Hopefully that’s not jumping the gun.

Well that’s interesting. I wonder if they don’t actually set a meeting with Rondo, and then if the Clippers reach an agreement with Rose would that make Teodosic not want to sign with Clippers? What if Doc Rivers then reaches out to his old floor general, Rajon? If that comes to pass would Teodosic then consider joining the Knicks just so he could pass to the kid Big Kris? He could also mentor his fellow Serbian Ognjen Jaramaz. I can dream can’t I?

If the point guard could score and assist, that wouldn’t offend me or anything. Sweet dreams, my prince.