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The Frozen Envelope, Episode 20: Phil’s gone, Frank’s here, and my back hurts

Everything’s changing!

NBA: Draft Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

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Seems like a lot of stuff has been going on with the Knicks recently. Let’s pod about it!

Listen to this week’s ‘sode to find out:

  1. What Harrison’s voice sounds like (it’s dreamy)
  2. Why I missed last week’s sode
  3. If it’s ok to laugh at “that whole Melo workout video thing”
  4. If Clarence Gaines is a jerk
  5. Who the Knicks should target in free agency
  6. How the Knicks should look for a GM
  7. If the draft is anti-labor
  8. How many days of work you can miss in a row before you get fired
*1 much would prolly suffice, tbh