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Mindaugas Kuzminskas' wedding was the event of the Lithuanian social season

Kristaps was in attendance as Kuz and his Tiny Dancer tied the knot.

Luko Balandžio / 15min nuotr

Ding ding dong ding dong!

What’s that? Why it’s wedding bells for Knickerbocker Lithuanian Lothario and resident prankster Mindaugas Kuzminskas.

Kuz and his long-time girlfriend Egle Andreikaitę got married today in Old Varena, a small town in the countryside outside of Vilnius. As befitting the sauciest of the EuroKnicks, although Kuz “wildly celebrated the stag,” and Egle had a Barcelona hen party, they kept the wedding date and location secret until the last minute. Even so, the creme de la creme of Lithuanian celebrity and sport attended for the dream wedding (held, of course, on King Mindaugas’s coronation day).

The groom wore a lovely blue suit and a shy smile:

Luke April/

The bride arrived in a Volkswagon Tuarag and wore a white embroidered strapless dress with a chapel-length veil:

Luke April/

The couple’s dog was not reported to be in attendance.

Yes, there is video.

Kuz himself announced the big occasion in a lower-key manner:

Please note Egle’s fierce brow game

Although he doesn’t appear in any pictures from the ceremony, it seems Kristaps Porzingis is Instagramming from the reception:


It’s gonna be a hot time in Old Varena tonight!

All of us here at P&T wish the Kuz Man many happy years and memories with the lovely and talented Egle, surely our most glamorous non-Anthony couple.

Go love! Go happiness! Go the Knicks!