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David Griffin pulls out of running for Knicks GM position

Sayonara. Sigh.

NBA: Chicago Bulls at Cleveland Cavaliers Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Imagine a basketball organization that doesn't want its own basketball general manager to have authority over his own basketball decisions, or even to hire basketball people they know and trust. Heads up:

Evidently Kim Jong-Dolan only wants his front office to rearrange deck chairs while the ship be sinking. Or maybe Griffin isn’t the type to ride around ATVs while nibbling mescaline buttons. Or maybe he hates the fuckin’ Eagles. Hiring the ex-Cav GM was never a must-have move, but I can’t see any other (rational) reason why a multi-billion dollar business is against its personnel people having oversight regarding personnel. Griffin is, to my knowledge, the only candidate thus far linked to the Knick GM search who’s won an NBA title (insert LeBron joke here). Cleveland wouldn’t promote him to president, and yet he was seemingly willing to work in New York with Steve Mills, the Herb Williams of Knick management (i.e. immortal), in that position. But now? Now dig in for the Knicks to hire some ornamental herb (Herb?) to get all cogged up in the MSG machinery.

Transparency is anathema to the Knicks, so in light of Phil’s firing no one really knows if Dolan’s pledge to stay out of basketball matters still matters, or if he’s back with a vengeance. He’ll trust Isiah Thomas forever and apparently trusts Mills more than Griffin to do a job Griffin’s already shown the ability to perform ably. Some of y’all don’t sleep too well with the lights out, so I really shouldn’t leave on a down note. Remember when the Knicks fired Phil Jackson? Celebrate!