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This Week in Knicks Social Media: 1-877-KNICKS-4-KIDS

Kids are magic and the legend of Marshall Plumlee lives on.

Avi Gerver

Happy August! Is hot out! Time to play This Week in Knicks Social Media, Jr. version!

What goes together better than cars and kids? Knicks and kids, of course. Join me on a magical tour of Knickerbockers bockin’ out with nippers...

First up we have a whole gallery of rookie Frankie getting into his new KnickLife, hanging out with the Junior Knicks and Cal Ramsey. He looks happy!

Had fun at Knicks Junior Camp with Knick legend Cal Ramsey. Congrats to all the campers #NYK

A post shared by Frank Ntilikina (@frank_ntilikina) on

Also down with the kids is sport-fishing and shepherd-lover Lance Thomas. Lance lets his (metephorical) hair down at a Nickelodeon event. Click through for important Lance and Spongebob goodness:

and scroll down for SLIME.

L. Thomas IG

(Side note: Wonder what Alannis Morrisette is up to these days?)

Staying on the camp-4-kids tip, our friend Mindaugus Kuzminskas has been having his own (rather extended, tbh) basketball camp in Lithuania. Kuz’s camp includes a very large KuzBanner and a very small and very cute KuzGodson. Hi Jokūbas!

Today in #MKcamp we had a special guest- young New York fan, my godson Jokūbas #91 #love

A post shared by Mindaugas Kuzminskas (@mkuzminskas) on

Ron Baker’s basketball camp (I told you they ALL have camps) is predictably lower-key ‘cuz Ron’s just a simple corn-fed asana yoga-doing farm boy made good.


Fair week in Scott City, KS

A post shared by Ron Baker (@ronbaker620) on

It’s so low-key they don’t even hire assistants! Just Ron, hangin’ out and doin’ stuff with kids. They don’t even have basketballs! They do appear to have matching t-shirts, but if there’s a 30 foot banner it sure ain’t showing.

Get up young fella!!!! @ronbakerbasketballcamp year 2 ✔️!

A post shared by Ron Baker (@ronbaker620) on

Moving on from players with kids to player’s kids, behold young Kiyan Anthony making the game winning shot for the New York Gauchos 5th Grade team at AAU Nationals. Go MiniMelo! Go Gauchos!

Speaking of Melo, we got this from Da Gawd:

...which... not sure how that ties into the kid theme unless it’s a warning. Don’t try this at home, kids! Oh, speaking of warnings...

I dunno. I got nuthin’ but it’s cool. Stay Me7o my friend.

Some players don’t have kids but that’s ok, they borrow them (a great option, btw). Wrapping up kidstravaganza is Kyle O’Quinn with two adorable little dinosaurs:

"Look scrapper, I got nephews to look after, I'm not looking at you dudes, I'm looking past ya" @young.twizz

A post shared by Kyle OQuinn (@kyle.oquinn) on

Thanks, kids!

In other important news, Mr. Luke Kornet is vying for Marshall Plumlee’s social media crown, methinks.

That’s cool, Luke. Sand sucks! People who can just sit in the sand in wet bathing suits and not care that sand gets all over them are like aliens to me. Anyway, please continue being your weird self, Luke, and we at P&T approve of your lessons here with the master:

Pictured from left to right: FRONT ROW - hungry wolf pack // BACK ROW - @luke_kornet

A post shared by Marshall Plumlee (@marshallplumlee40) on

(Look! It’s Nigel Hayes!)

Oh Marshall Marshall Marshall, I just can’t quit you, not when you keep spitting pure fire like this:

M. Kuzminskas IG

Donate your cars today!

(or don’t)