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Predicting the Knicks’ NBA 2K18 ratings, pt. 2: The Guards

The highly-anticipated debut of (my fake ratings for) Frank Ntilikina!

NBA: Draft Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back, folks! I hope you enjoyed part one of the show where Jonathan Schulman (AKA Stingy) and myself broke down the forwards and centers on the Knicks’ NBA 2K roster. Now we’re back to prognosticate about the guards!

I’ll just get to the player you’re all waiting for first:

Frank Ntilikina

Last year’s final rating: N/A
Prediction: 72

Like Kristaps Porzingis’ initial 74 rating in NBA 2K16, Frankie Long Limbs is gonna have his work cut out for him. A 72 would be fair—2K’s going to give him at least an A- on perimeter defense from the start, and if they watch his French highlights (and I get the feeling the game devs watch a lot of film) they should have him at about a B- for 3-point shooting. Obvious areas for improvement are going to be ball handling and driving/finishing. Ntilikina should probably be sporting at least an A- rating in the potential category, one would think. Much like KP as a rookie, Frank’s gonna be fun to play with just for the pickpocketing potential alone, rating aside.

Stingy’s take: 70

Oh it’s unfair. Don’t worry, he’ll be a 77 before you know it. From there he’ll land a firm 84 from 2K20 to 2K28. If you get a big offer in GM mode—I say take it. He’s too good to be your sixth man. He’ll just get restless when you trade away the entire team to get Lonzo Ball, you crumb.

Tim Hardaway Jr.

Last year: 79
Prediction: 82

Is an 82 a reach? Maaaybe. But I think 2K will reward Timmy for all the hard work by starting him out in the 80s. They also tend to reward guys for getting paid, or at least it seems that way to me. That, and similar to Willy Hernangomez, Timbo’s rating moved up eight points last season, so clearly they like him.

This signing, in terms of 2K importance, was amazing to me. Even back when THJ was a 71 or whatever his rookie year, I used to get buckets with him big time. Something about the dude’s shooting form just gets my X button moist. (That’s the □ button for you PlayStation types.)

Stingy’s take: 83

Oh we got ourselves a microwave, kiddies! He can dunk, he can get hot from three, he can pull up off the bounce, he can leak out while someone else tries and fails to grab rebounds. He’s unreal and he’s fantastic. Maybe working out with Dwyane Wade this summer will be taken into account and it means he’ll finish relentlessly when you get the yips on those threes and just can’t possibly pull up from 15. The contract is somehow justified now. So you gotta trade him for Khris Middleton and two seconds. Then trade Middleton for a first. Then trade all three picks for a better first and a future first. Then sign a top flight free agent with the newfound cap space and trade whoever that is along with that future first we were talking about and you can get Tim Hardaway Jr and a top 3 pick. You’re awesome!

Damyean Dotson

Last year: N/A
Prediction: 70

This rating is the one that will grind my gears the most from the start of the season, and probably also be one of the quickest risers if my lofty expectations for D-Dot (pronounced Dee-Dot, trademark pending) are correct. They’ll give him a solid 3-point rating from the start, and if they’re smart they’ll also hook him up with decent perimeter defense and rebounding numbers. Once Dotson’s filling the Justin Holiday role adequately after the first few weeks of the season, this rating will skyrocket to something in the 74-75 range.

Stingy’s take: 68

Completely unwarranted, he’s a 73.

Ron Baker

Last year: 68
Prediction: 70

Similar to Hardaway, I think Baker will get a small good faith bump for getting paid. That said, he’s still not going to be good. Perimeter defense will be his go-to skill, but his shooting will not be pretty. Oh, and he’ll have a 99 grit rating.

Stingy’s take: 73

Completely unwarranted, he’s a 68.

Ramon Sessions

Last year: 74
Prediction: 73

Our boy Ramon ain’t getting any younger, and he’s coming off an injury, so he drops a point. That said, they’re still going to stop short of making him lesser or equal to Frank, just to fuck with you. You can put him as your backup and Frank as the starter, sure. But the first time you let the computer set your rotation for you after an injury, Razor Ramon’s gonna flick his toothpick in Frank’s eye, drop a “Hey yo!” and take that starting spot back.

Courtney Lee

Last year: 74
Prediction: 75

I think Lee gets a one point bump so that he can be a valuable trade chip for Philip Turner and the digital Knickerbockers. And with your undying urge to ditch Lee’s impossible-to-time jumper and roll with your young studs THJ and D-Dot, that’s pretty much all that ol’ Courtney will be this year. Similar to Melo, if Lee gets traded to a contender and thrives, I could see his rating going up a few points to as high as 77 as the season goes on.

Chasson Randle

Last year: 67
Prediction: 67

I don’t think Randle’s done much to improve his rating. He had some decent showings in Summer League from a purely counting stats perspective, but not enough to move the 2K needle.

And, barring any trades, that’s your NBA 2K18 Knicks in a nutshell! Tell me how great my predictions were in the comments.