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Frank Ntilikina works out in the wee hours of the morning, working his way into our hearts

Stay hungry, youngblood.

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We’re all hurting for a some real basketball ‘round these parts, but one thing that will always sooth the troubled of a Knicks fan is seeing their beloved ‘Bockers hitting the gym to work on their games.

Workout videos may be but a sip of water in the August b-ball desert, but there is something extra thirst-quenching about watching rookie point guard Frank Ntilikina working out with trainer-to-the-stars Chris Brickley in New York.

@frank_ntilikina #RelentlessPursuit // Late night grind //

A post shared by Chris Brickley (@cbrickley603) on

The Instagram caption reads “late night grind” and was posted around 3 AM, so clearly the rook was burning the midnight oil. Hell yes! Ntilikina currently lives with his agent’s family in New Jersey, but ball is life and New York is the Mecca of ball, even in the wee hours of the morning.

Frank was pleasantly surprised Thursday afternoon when his NBA 2K18 rating was released. Truly a dream come true.

After playing this game since a younger age it finally happened #NBA2K18 #2KFirstLook #Blessed #DreamBig

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Wait a minute...didn’t Dennis Smith earn a 76 rating?

Keep hitting the gym, young Frank. The whole damn basketball world has already placed this punk above you. Prove ‘em wrong.