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Carmelo Anthony voted Best Knicks teammate; Hoodie Melo gets J.R. seal of approval

What if Melo got to play in a hoodie for the Knicks?

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NBA: Toronto Raptors at New York Knicks Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

If Carmelo Anthony has indeed played his final game with the Knicks, his teammates gave him a surprising parting gift.

Melo received the 2017-18 Players’ Association award for best teammate on the Knicks. Players were only allowed to vote for teammates, so this honor did indeed come from his fellow ‘Bockers.

Melo took several steps back as a player last season, particularly on defense, but it would appear his teammates still appreciated his professionalism, particularity given the fact that the team president tended to blame him for all of the Knicks’ problems in very public forums. Teammates love it when you take the heat.

Perhaps no NBA player has been Melo’s teammate longer than former Knick J.R. Smith, who was asked to put to rest the big question that has plagued league observers this entire summer: Hoodie Melo vs. Regular Melo.

Here’s what Earl had to say.

“Hoodie Melo doesnt play with a conscience.”

“Both great but I like hoodie Melo.”

Leave it to the ever-philosophical J.R. to solve the debate.

By the way, the t-shirt company breakingT is selling “Hoodie Melo” shirts if you wanna pick one up. His mustache looks particularly ominous in this one. Hoodie Melo 4ever.


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