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A brief history of fans getting tattoos of Knicks players

Knicks forever, literally.

This past weekend the sporting world (New York and Baltic bureaus) was rocked by the sight of not one but two Knicks tattoos. No, not the growing owl-woman-rose on Willy Hernangomez’s arm, but tattoos of Knicks on other, non-Knick people. (“Fans,” I think we call them.)

Please feast your eyes on what appears to be the least trampy stamp of all:

Photo: MK IG / Art: Some Genius

No! Your eyes do not deceive you it is a Mindaugas Kuzminskas tattoo! It’s hard to even live in a world where such wonders exist, I know.

But wait. There’s more:

Photo: MK IG / Art: One of the Gods

YESSSSSSS! Flawless victory! Not one but TWO MINDAUGAS KUZMINSKAS TATTOOS (and maybe his signature in red too?).

Be not surprised if peace and harmony now descend upon the land.

In honor of the Kuz-ink, let us take a brief survey of tattoos of Knicks players (an abbreviated genre). Tattoos of NBA players in general is a well-covered field, with Michael Jordan far and away the most popular image. Kobe Bryant has graced the skin of many a fan, as does LeBron James. No surprises there, but, like, who cares? They’re not Knicks.

The tattoos of the Garden faithful are often, well, different. And by “different” I mean “maybe you should have researched an artist a little more?”

Begin with the greats. Why look! It’s Patrick Ewing! Have to appreciate this fans dedication to all things Ewing:


Next we have fan favorite and forever Knicks totem John Starks, captured on his April 25, 1993 dunk over Michael Jordan (NOT Horace Grant, thank you very much):

@jamescruzmusic IG

Go get’em, Johnny!

Then we have some more interesting entries and some more inscrutable thought processes.

For example, Knicks legend Stephon Marbury:


Love is love! Take that, Lin-Manuel Miranda!

And then there is this, which I am told is Knicks great Nate Robinson, but could also be anyone else, or possibly a gibbon:


I’m not sure why he’s dunking a football, or what he’s dunking it into, but the world is full of mysteries.

As you know, Once a Knick Always a Knick, and so I bring you this gem of a very happy, not-at-all-worried Tracy McGrady:


Lastly, of course, JR Smith. This one counts for double because it’s a tattoo of a Knick on a Knick (Chris Smith. OAKAAK).

Brotherly love is a beautiful thing.