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Knicks Links: Kristaps Porzingis lacks finesse (with the ladies)

Also: Ron goes to camp

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Good day, chaps!

There’s a few things going on in Knick land lately, but first I’ll give you guys some tunes. This one is actually a friend of mine’s band:

Leave them some nice YouTube comments and maybe buy their album (iTunes | Google Play | Amazon | etc.) if you’re into alt rock/prog metal and good guitar riffs and have $10 laying around! They’ve also got a show coming up in NYC this Saturday.

Side note: if any of you guys are musicians/know musicians and want to be on a links post, hit me up! I’m always excited to hear new things and love to share!

What’s up with the Knicks today?

— Kristaps Prozingis is... let’s just say having some trouble with the ladies lately:

KP’s exploits even got him a New York Post story (of course), and this isn’t KP’s first time striking out with Ines Nikic:

Despite his pleading, Nikic has yet to follow the Knicks superstar on Instagram. It appears she also subtly shaded him with the caption, “Porzingod tryna smash,” on Aug. 14.

Alright KP, I hope you’re reading this—you gotta learn how to play hard to get! Just drop her a “Hey, you’re looking nice today” and then ghost the shit outta her for like two weeks. That’ll get her attention more than saying you’re going to die if she doesn’t follow you! That’s just creepy!

—Two Knicks teams are being added to the “classic teams” in NBA 2K18—the 1998-99 Finals squad (finally) and... the 2011-12 Knicks? Yes, that’s the Linsanity team, presumably at full strength with Jeremy Lin, Carmelo Anthony, Tyson Chandler and Amar’e Stoudemire. Should be interesting, although it’s odd to include that squad when the 2012-13 team a year later won the most games for a Knick team this century.

— Ron Baker visited the Rolling River Day Camp in East Rockaway:

Baker, 24, participated in many exciting activities. He judged a slam dunk contest for the camp goers, and also signed autographs for them. At the beginning of the day, the campers had an opportunity to take pictures with Baker. He cracked jokes while the photos were being snapped — leaving many of the campers hysterically laughing.

Ron seems like a very nice dude.

— We gave the Knicks’ All-Time NBA 2K team our best shot here a week ago, but the real roster has now been released:

I’m personally offended that Latrell Sprewell was left off. But, all in all, not too shabby.

— Zach Buckley of Bleacher Report breaks down five potential Carmelo Anthony trades (the fourth one looks awfully familiar...).

— Eric Snyder at Daily Knicks writes that Joakim Noah could be an important part of the Knicks next year if he can lead the young’uns.

— LeBron James didn’t explicitly say that Blake Griffin was wrong about him coming to the Knicks:

“I don’t even know what you’re talking about, shawty,” James told TMZ when asked about Blake Griffin hypothesizing James would be a Knick before a Laker.

Doesn’t exactly sound like a ringing endorsement either, but yeah.

That’s all for today, kiddos! Enjoy this nice weather.