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Posting and Toasting ‘Knicks of Legend’ Fairytale League, Pt. 1: The Draft

We did a fairytale draft!

Knicks V Bulls

Hey, team! With all the hullabaloo over these fantastical historical teams and all-time rosters in video games we here at Posting and Toasting decided to craft our very own fairytale basketball teams. And what better way to do that then with a true-to-life fairytale draft?! So six of us got together to draft an eight-person team of Knicks from the franchise’s storied history.

The rules:

  • We did a snake draft (round one 1-6, round two 6-1, repeat for eight rounds) with a randomized order. Then we re-randomized the order and did a coach draft.
  • The focus was to make the best team that can compete right away. For a fairytale championship.
  • You get the idealized Knicks-peak of that player. So if you want Amar’e Stoudemire in the midst of his 30-point streak, that’s the Amar’e you shall have or at least, you know, something like that. I guess just say it’s a little open to interpretation, but you’re getting the best version imaginable of every player.
  • Each player selected must have three years experience with the Knicks (players entering their third years were allowed in the draft because Kristaps is good and maybe Tim Hardaway Jr. is too but Derrick Rose isn’t and while it feels like Al Harrington is, he isn’t either).
  • For the coach part of the draft, anyone who has ever held the head coach title was up for grabs even if it was just on an interim basis. Ahem, Herb Williams. To reiterate, the order was re-randomized for this round and yes the Big Kahuna won both lotteries.

So that’s about the size of it. First we’ll show you the draft results and then we’ll talk about what we’re doing with this nonsense.

Knicks Fairytale Draft

PLAYER China Joe James "Marceda" Dolan Big Dilly Dente Stingy Professor Miranda Alex Woof
PLAYER China Joe James "Marceda" Dolan Big Dilly Dente Stingy Professor Miranda Alex Woof
Round 1 1 - Walt Frazier 2 - Patrick Ewing 3 - Willis Reed 4 - Kristaps Porzingis 5 - Carmelo Anthony 6 - Bernard King
Round 2 12 - Tyson Chandler 11 - Amar'e Stoudemire 10 - Allan Houston 9 - Mark Jackson 8 - Earl Monroe 7 - Stephon Marbury
Round 3 13 - John Starks 14 - Dave DeBusschere 15 - Bob McAdoo 16 - Michael Ray Richardson 17 - Anthony Mason 18 - Walt Bellamy
Round 4 24 - Jerry Lucas 23 - JR Smith 22 - Derek Harper 21 - Marcus Camby 20 - David Lee 19 - Latrell Sprewell
Round 5 25 - Larry Johnson 26 - Charles Oakley 27 - Bill Cartwright 28 - Danilo Gallinari 29 - Pablo Prigioni 30 - Richie Guerin
Round 6 36 - Cazzie Russell 35 - Hubert Davis 34 - Willie Naulls 33 - Chris Childs 32 - Kurt Thomas 31 - Jamal Crawford
Round 7 37 - Ray Williams 38 - Dick Barnett 39 - Bill Bradley 40 - Spencer Haywood 41 - Wilson Chandler 42 - Kenny Sears
Round 8 48 - Phil Jackson 47 - Raymond Felton 46 - Nate Robinson 45 - Charlie Ward 44 - Trent Tucker 43 - Gerald Wilkins
Round 1 1 - Jeff Van Gundy
Round 2 2 - Don Nelson
Round 3 3 - Mike D'Antoni
Round 4 4 - Pat Riley
Round 5 5 - Mike Woodson
Round 6 6 - Red Holzman

In the coming few days each writer will break down their franchise, name it and outline some or all of their decision making. From there we will pit the teams against one another and let the community vote on which team should beat the other team in a fairytale game of basketball. Please hem, haw, listen, shout over the top of your peers, whisper behind their backs, plot to overthrow the establishment and of course, take this as not serious as possible. If, of course, that’s something you can do. It’s late August and my buddies didn’t lay face down in the muck so you can avoid the Knicks all damn off-season. Get ready!