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A National Dog Day tribute to Lance Thomas and his good dogs

Dogs are cool.

Saturday was National Dog Day, which means absolutely nothing to me since I have four cats and no dogs. However, dogs are still pretty cool, and they are worth acknowledging.

And no member of the New York Knicks acknowledges his dogs quite as often as forward Lance Thomas. Thomas has two dogs, a Doberman and a Malionois, as indicated by his National Dog Day hashtags.

My babies. #nationaldogday #doberman #malinois

A post shared by Lance Thomas (@mrlance42) on

Goddamn those are two noble dogs! According to my research, the Doberman is named Romeo and the Malinois is named Raina. Romeo in particular knows how to work a pose.

Romeo just waiting for game time like... #dobielife #nycdog #knicksfan

A post shared by Lance Thomas (@mrlance42) on

Romeo #FrenchQuarter #NOLA

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Lance’s pups are the true stars of his Instagram feed. If he’s not posting photos of himself fishing, he is posting his kids. Here is one with Carmelo Anthony’s son, Kiyan.

Happy Birthday Kiyan !! Love you boy !! #MyBoys #DontGetCaughtLooking #NoSelfServeBabyTap

A post shared by Lance Thomas (@mrlance42) on

When does Romeo’s dog AAU team square off against Kiyan’s human child squad?

Ever the romantic, he knows enough to acknowledge both of his ladies on Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine's Day to my two beautiful ladies ! ❤️

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He even gives a shout-out to his dog trainer, seen here working with Raina.

Cheers to you, Lance Thomas. You know how to treat dogs right.

Happy #NationalDogDay! #repost @mrlance42

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