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Frank Ntilikina worked out with Tim Hardaway Jr. and everything is coming together

Frank made a friend!

NBA: Draft Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

He may not be garnering much Rookie of the Year buzz in Vegas, but Knicks lottery pick Frank Ntilikina just keeps putting his nose to the grindstone, doing that W-O-R-K.

But most of that work—at least the work we can see on social media—has been done without the aid of Knicks teammates. Oh, I’m sure he has practiced with some of the end-of-the-roster folks at the team’s Tarrytown facility, but most of the Knicks’ young core is currently overseas preparing for Eurobasket, and Frank’s workouts with trainer-to-the-stars Chris Brickley have felt rather lonely. Except for one video of Frank putting up shots with fellow rookie Donovan Mitchell, the young Gall has mostly avoided the star-studded practices that are Brickley’s specialty. Why can’t Frank play with his fellow Knicks!

And then, on Saturday, Frank Nitti finally made a Knicks friend in the form of returning prodigal son Tim Hardaway. And it was glorious.

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I’ve never been so happy in all my life! That $72 million contract Timmy received this summer was more than worth it. Hell, tack on another $30 mil!

I really like the idea of Frank working with Hardaway, who has made significant improvements to his handle since coming into the league. Everybody knows Frank’s handle is his biggest (or at least his biggest correctable) weakness.

Tim and Frank appear to be the exact same size. Usually when your point guard and shooting guard are the same size, it’s a bad thing—not when your point guard is a mutant French Octopus.

Here’s hoping these two are in the starting lineup together on Opening Night.