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A continental tribute to EuroKnick Sasha Vujacic, who signed with Italian club Fiat Torino

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Le première bon vivant du Knicks signé en Italie

The man, the myth, the machine

It’s true, friends. Sasha Vujacic, our resident cosmopolitan and epicure is moving back to more pasta-laden pastures in Italy. The Machine averaged 4.1 points on 35.8% shooting in 103 games games during his two seasons as a Knick—wow, that many??—but more importantly, he brought some European flair into our bland American lives.

Although things like “roster space” told us this was probably inevitable, let us pause for a smörgasbord tribute to our most Euro of EuroKnicks, using some languages of Sasha’s beloved continent:

(French) Aujourd'hui les Knickerbockers ont annoncé officiellement que M. Sasha Aleksander Vujacic a signé avec un autre équipe. Fiat Torino, d’Italie.

(Italian) P&T vorrebbe dare un'occhiata ai contributi di big NBA Sasha, La Macchina:


Sunday Bloody Sunday ... #coffeetime anyone? #nekotoodgorevidisve

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Coffee, anybody? #espressomacchiato #nekotoodgorevidisve

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PERFECTION, spaghetti al pomodoro e basilico. #nekotoodgorevidisve #eataly

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e vino:

Bottling of 2012 #AleksanderWine #pasorobles #nekotoodgorevidisve

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e ancora vino:

Great night @aleksanderwine @aljosabjekovic9 #nekotoodgorevidisve #aleksanderwine #invinoveritas

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(Spanish) ...y siempre un montón de videos en el gimnasio. El esta el Rey de la edit con musica:

@gameshapeinc @deandre : @dfritomedia #nekotoodgorevidisve

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(Slovenian) Srečo v svoji novi ekipi, Sasha! Spominjali se bomo vašega Joie de Vive!

#nekotoodgorevidisve, indeed.