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The Knicks have hired Craig Robinson for their front office staff

Michelle Obama’s brother, not the guy from Hot Tub Time Machine.

USA Today

The Knicks have hired Craig Robinson to join their front office.

This is just sooooo typical Knicks. The guy stars in an incredibly successful sitcom and a number of hit comedy films, and you hand him a job in the front office of an NBA team?! I bet he’s probably a CAA client too! Frank Isola told me he knows Irving Azoff! Typical James Dolan bullshit! Ugh!


OK, I’m hearing through the grapevine that maybe there’s more than one Craig Robinson, and that the one the Knicks hired happens to have most recently worked for the Milwaukee Bucks. From Shams Chanaria at The Vertical:

Robinson plans to fill multiple roles for the franchise, including player development and serving as general manager of the Knicks’ development league team in Westchester, league sources said.


Robinson was hired in 2015 as the Bucks’ vice president of player and organizational development.

Cool! He actually sounds very qualified for the job, another in a line of recent head-scratchingly “normal” moves by the normally abnormal Knicks.

His role may need some clarifying, however, as Ian Begley is reporting that Robinson will not take over for Allan Houston as GM of the Westchester Knicks:

Robinson is not expected to serve as general manager for the Knicks' G League team. That role is expected to continue to be filled by Allan Houston, sources said.

I mean, whatever. Let H20 have his G-League team.

And in case you think Robinson couldn’t possibly be more interesting than comedian/movie star Craig Robinson, think again! This dude’s got more layers than an onion parfait:

— Robinson is the older brother of former FLOTUS Michelle Obama (née Robinson), meaning that he is the brother-in-law of President Barack Obama! Fun fact: Robinson once scouted the future Commander-in-Chief not for basketball or politics, but to give his lil’ sis his blessing:

Recalling a pickup game the two played in Chicago some 15 years ago when they were first getting to know each other, Robinson remembers that Obama was confident in his game without being arrogant. He took shots when he was open, but wasn't overly selfish. And he didn't show off his Harvard Law School pedigree.

"He never wore that on his sleeve, and you can tell the camaraderie that he'd have on the court with people who he didn't even know," Robinson said. "You knew that this guy had the ability to win people over."

— As a player at Princeton University, Robinson won Ivy League Player of the Year two years in a row, in 1981-82 and 1982-83. In the 1980-81 season he played with a senior guard named... drumroll... Steve Mills! (Shouts to Dad for that nugget.)

Robinson is the sixth-highest scorer in Princeton men’s basketball history. The top scorer? “Dollar” Bill Bradley, he of Knicks championship glory day fame. It’s all connected!

— He served as the head coach at Oregon State University from 2006 to 2014, when he was fired after a string of disappointing seasons. Robinson followed that up by serving as an analyst for ESPNU’s college basketball coverage.

And that’s the book on Craig Robinson, AKA the Most Interesting Basketball Man in the World Who’s Also Not Comedian and Film Star Craig Robinson! Welcome to the Knicks, Craig!