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The Knicks wrestled with the salary cap in order to officially sign Ron Baker, Damyean Dotson

Ron was the first Knicks free agent signing to be announced, but the last to sign.

NBA: New York Knicks at Memphis Grizzlies Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks finally made official the signings of second-round pick Damyean Dotson and free agent returnee Ron Baker on Monday. Behold the contract-signing photos!

Note: I must warn you, they aren’t using the tiny table. Baker is in Kansas at the moment, I think, so he signed on some regular-ass Kansan table, and Dotson appears to have signed on a glass coffee table. Also, why is the photographer using weird lighting effects to obscure the table? Conspiracy!

So why are these contracts only being signed now, when we’ve known most of the details for weeks? The front office had to do a bit of salary cap jiu-jitsu in order to fit both players, first signing Dotson with their remaining cap space and then using the room exception on Baker.

The Baker contract remains inexplicable—too much money, a player opt-out after one year—but the Dotson deal looks pretty sweet. Per Bobby Marks:

The contract for Dotson is guaranteed $1.1M in 2017-18 and $1.4M in 2018-19. The $1.6M salary in 2019-20 is non-guaranteed with trigger dates during the season to guarantee the salary.

Dotson is only the fourth player taken in the 2017 second round to sign. The Knicks clearly like his talent, and judging from what he did in Summer League, I can’t blame them.