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The Knicks signed Michael Beasley

Super cool.

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Miami Heat
Super cool nails, Beas!
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks and forward Michael Beasley have come to an agreement on a one-year veteran’s minimum contract.

Beasley is a former No. 2 pick in the draft that produced such Always-Knicks as Danilo Gallinari, Robin Lopez, Anthony Randolph, Courtney Lee, JR Giddens, Patrick Ewing Jr, Bill Walker, Joe Crawford and I feel like I’m missing someone. But who cares?

That was early in the season and Beas was basically just OK from start to finish, but he managed to carve out a real space for himself as role player on a Bucks team that made some noise and used Beasley to soak up some buckets when the well went dry.

Austin Clemens

He stinks on defense and he is only OK on offense but it’s a one year deal. He’ll be here for a continental breakfast. I like Beasley, but he lacks the range and the ranginess on defense to be much more than small potatoes. Granted, sometimes you just need to put a little bit of potatoes on the plate and suddenly we’re eating good. Cheers to Super Cool Beas, I hope he gets a chance to shine when if Carmelo Anthony gets shipped out of town.