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Scott Perry has hired three more executives; Clarence Gaines will remain with Knicks


NBA: Draft Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Not content with signing Craig Robinson and SuperCoolBeas, Knicks GM Steve Perry continues to augment the front office by adding a host of new executives: five in all, including assistant GM Gerald Madkins and Robinson, the recently-named vice president of basketball development. The list is long, but distinguished.

Harold Ellis and Michael Arcieri, both of whom worked with Perry in Orlando’s front office, will reunite at MSG. Ellis will be the team’s personnel director, a title supposedly held at the moment by longtime Dolan toadie Mark Warkentien. Arcieri will take the position of directory, basketball strategy. Former Knicks guard Fred Cofield also joins the front office as a scout.

Perry released a public statement about the new hires:

“Last month, the day after I was hired, I started a full evaluation of the entire basketball operations staff. My first goal was to build-up the highest level front office in the NBA. We are adding a host of highly-regarded and respected basketball people to work with the Knicks to fortify the franchise for years to come.”

In yet another bit of good news, P&T favorite Clarence Gaines has agreed to stay with the front office. Gaines was brought to New York by longtime buddy Phil Jackson, but was still seen working with Steve Mills at Summer League even after Jackson’s departure.

So the Knicks kept the one front office dude we liked and added several more fresh brains to the proverbial MSG brain stew. What do y’all think?