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This Week in Knicks Social Media: Hoodie Melo Forever

The Legend Lives On, EuroKnicks get Swaggy


Hello, Fall babies! Let’s look at some fun stuff!

2017, for all its vicissitudes, did at least gave us the Summer of Hoodie Melo. From numerous black-ops pickup games,

Pt.4 M7 BLACK OPS Session @liveatsky #STAYME7O

A post shared by Carmelo Anthony (@carmeloanthony) on

to NBA 2K18 recognition,

to social media campaigns, to legendary endorsements,

Hoodie Melo was everywhere.

Carmelo has even publicly embraced his Hoodie persona:


A post shared by Carmelo Anthony (@carmeloanthony) on

and although I’m not 100% sure about this IKEA version of Hoodie Melo, it’s an interesting contrast to Burkini Melo:

Another Day At The Office!!! M7 Black Ops #STAYME7O

A post shared by Carmelo Anthony (@carmeloanthony) on

Carmelo himself likes Burkini Melo enough to change his profile pic:

But lest you worry that Hoodie Melo will be a flash in the pan, a one-generation phenomenon, Kiyan Anthony is here to carry on the family tradition:

Notice however, even though it’s #hoodieszn, Melo went bareheaded to talk some real talk to the haters at ESPN:

I like the idea of Melo with a chip on his shoulder, as long as he’s a Knick. Otherwise it’s kind of scary!

Across the pond and away from Melodrama, our young EuroKnicks are slanging their way around EuroBasket.

There are the typical posts: Our young unicorn looking a like a slightly less young unicorn:

I stay working

A post shared by Kristaps Porzingis (@kporzee) on

Our dear Kuz hitting buzzer-beaters with panache:

It's not over until you hear the buzzer #mesuzlietuva #eurobasket2017 #buzzerbeater

A post shared by Mindaugas Kuzminskas (@mkuzminskas) on

And young Willy heading to the semi-finals:

And then there’s the good stuff. Like Willy Hernangomez’s continuing bromance with Future Knick Luka Doncic, officially sanctioned when he retweeted this:

And then went on an IG Live quest for Future Knick Luka:


Maybe Willy can just bring Luka home with him and he can just put on a uniform and start playing and no one will notice? We’ll tell them Luke Kornet got a little smaller. What’s the worst that could happen?

Mindaugas Kuzminskas, perhaps separated from his Wife during EuroBasket, has reverted to his trolling ways.

Cheese starts off mild on Kristaps:

But must have been annoyed by Willy’s honest good wishes, and so he set his sights on Hernangomez, who was glad to blame KP:

But Kuz saved his best for former Knick and current Team USA Americup champion Marshall Plumlee, who’s always happy to snap back:

Let’s end with Luke Kornet, who is not (yet) Luka Doncic but is just waking up to EuroBasket:

Keep up, Luke!