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Frank Ntilikina models new ‘statement’ Knicks jersey at Nike show

Our boy is a model!

Nike Unveils New NBA Partnership Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images

New York Knicks rookie Frank Ntilikina joined a host of other NBA stars in Los Angeles for Friday night’s unveiling of the new Nike ‘statement’ jerseys. I know you can barely contain your excitement, so here it is!!!

Digital versions of the new alternate had already leaked from video game photos, and Knicks uniform fashion guru Bob Silverman waxed nostalgic about the connection to uniforms of the franchise’s past.

Feel free to insert your favorite strip club music here.

Nike pulled out all the stops for the event—as is their wont—and the NBA responded in kind. Superstars (and Nike reps) like Kevin Durant, Karl-Anthony Towns, Paul George and Blake Griffin all modeled the latest duds for their respective teams. The Knicks countered with Frank, who will soon be just as good as all of them. He’s already far more handsome.

By the way, did you notice who was representing the Celtics? It was none other than former Knick Shane Larkin (and his tiny hands)! Boston has officially forfeited the Atlantic Division title with this nonsense.