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Willy Hernangomez helps Spain win bronze medal at 2017 EuroBasket

It’s better than nothing!

New York Knicks v Detroit Pistons Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The 2017 EuroBasket tournament has come to an end, which means we basketball junkies will have to rely on YouTube highlight clips to scratch our itch until the preseason opener (Oct. 3!).

Though there were no Knicks in the championship game—you’re dead to me, Anthony Randolph—Willy Hernangomez and his Spanish hermanos defeated Russia in the bronze medal game by the score of 93-85.

Here is Willy, chilling out with his bronze medal on his Twitter feed.

And here’s a clip of the celebration.

Sadly, this was the only highlight of the day for Big Willy, as he only received three minutes of playing time, chipping in a ghastly two turnovers and two fouls. Regardless of his screw-ups, Willy probably was never going to get much burn in this one, as both Gasol Brothers starred in what may have been their final international performance (particularly for Pau). Still, it held with a tournament-long trend for Willy, who receive fewer and fewer minutes once Spain entered the knockout rounds.

This is the second medal for Hernangomez, who was among the youngest members of Spain’s 2015 gold medal squad. Here’s hoping he continues to improve and earn more minutes for the Spaniards in years to come.