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Knicks training camp roundup- 9/28/17: Kristaps Porzingis has a sore knee, a city mourns

We’ll never forget you, Kristaps.

New York Knicks Media Day Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Cancel the season, everyone. Kristaps Porzingis left Thursday’s practice after injuring his knee.

The injury didn’t appear serious—Kristaps was merely favoring the knee—but clearly this is the most dire catastrophe in franchise history...unless Kristaps comes back tomorrow, that is.

If you care to look, you can find at least two “Should We Start Questioning Porzingis’s Durability?” articles in the New York papers. I won’t be posting them here, because they’re gross. the highlights! Here we have Enes Kanter, getting up some shots.

And the coup de grace, a splendid no-look dish from Frank Ntilikina to Kyle O’Quinn.

Ramon Sessions made some waves on Wednesday by declaring that Ntilikina had a little bit of Kyrie Irving in him. Clearly that’s absurd—Frank is already a better passer!

As for the upcoming schedule, the Knicks will hold an open practice on Sunday, Oct. 1, at Madison Square Garden.

Sign up today, you young whippersnappers! The preseason opener is two days later on Tuesday, Oct. 3. We’re so close to basketball! If only Kristaps had lived to see it. #RIPKristaps