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Knicks training camp roundup- 9/29/17: Kristaps Porzingis returned to practice

I like it when Kristaps is doing stuff.

New York Knicks Media Day Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

I waited until Saturday morning, hoping the Knicks would release one of those daily training camp highlight montages from Friday, but they never did. What are they hiding? Who is pulling the strings? Is it Kurt Rambis? It’s probably Kurt Rambis.

Fortunately, we have visual confirmation, via Steve Popper, that Kristaps Porzingis was back at practice Friday after leaving Thursday’s session early with a knee bruise.

What a relief! Maybe those “Kristaps is fragile” takes were a bit premature after all! Personally, I had already doused myself and prepared to light myself on fire.

Kristaps himself explained the Thursday incident as no big deal, per Al Iannazzone:

“Just bumped knees and just to be cautious, they pulled me out the last 15 minutes of the practice,” Porzingis said. “But today, I felt good. It’s already getting better. Just a bruised knee.”

The Knicks followed the morning workout with a more intense evening session. There are some pictures—make sure you flip through to the end for the special Frank Ntilikina thumbs-up.

The Friday night grind. #NewYorkForever

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The Knicks are back at practice Saturday. They kick off the preseason slate on Tuesday. Let’s get some!