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Watch this magnificent tribute to Willy Hernangomez and Spain’s bench mob

El equipo B!

Washington Wizards v New York Knicks Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Spanish are still driving hard on the heels of the United States for the title of World’s No. 1 Basketball Power. The national team hasn’t had much success against America in the Olympics, but their fans and media are rapidly overtaking us when it comes to making delightful video tributes. Here we have a tribute to Spain’s second unit...or, as they are now called: el equipo B.

First of all, I happen to be of the generation who believes one can set just about any video compilation to the A-Team theme and make it awesome. This appears to be produced by the Spanish network Movistar. I don’t know what the narrator is saying, but I made out the words “baloncesto” (basketball), “hermanos” (brothers) and “Willy Hernangomez.” I also heard “Juancho Hernangomez,” but let Nuggets fans worry about that.

I’m calling out to any and all Spanish-speaking P&T’ers to translate this video. You will be given credit on this here webpage.


Rough translation, courtesy of P&T’er John Mlyn:

"In 2017, a team composed of 6 of the most outstanding players from Spanish basketball were put in jail for a crime they did not commit. It didn’t take long before they escaped the prison where they were incarcerated; still being persecuted by the government they survive as reserves of fortune. If you have a problem, and if you can find them, perhaps you can hire them… The B team!!

A life insurance for the Spanish team, the second unit responded versus Croatia to secure the first place in their group. From the 362 points scored so far, 172 come from the bench at an average of 43 points per game, almost half of the total. The coach saying, "...always a positive experience when you can get out of troubles, positively solving it and making it part of our experience." The coach has a bench that without a doubt could be starters in any European team; the Chacho emerges as leader of the bench leading the attack, yesterday he was crucial on the last quarter.

About Chacho: "One more time he’s given us the energy, the impulse, freshness in a very complicated moment of the game.” Regarding the interior game, the perfect complement to the Gasols—Willy Hernangomez playing the paint, he was the claw personified. Scariola was also able to rotate on the perimeter with Sastre being lively to complement Rubio. And Juancho Hernangomez, what’s more to say about him, a pearl cutting to the basket and stopping the rival team’s star (blocked on the last minutes). This is Spain’s super B team, immortals in their own role…"