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This Week in Knicks Social Media: Happy Holidays with the Knickerbockers

Ho Ho Ho!

Happy New Year, dear Posters (and Toasters)!

As you drink lots of water and try to put your head back together, here are some holiday greetings and musings from the New York Knickerbockers to make your 2018 bright.

In the NBA, Christmas is a working day and the holidays are not a time of rest. Nonetheless Kristaps Porzingis carved out some family time with his tall family (and a video crew):

and part 2:

KP also went the NBA superstar route and gave all his teammates custom gifts. An inspired gift-giver, KP may be on a rookie salary but he managed to both generous and on-brand:

"If you're a real New Yorker, you have to have Timbs," quoth young Kristaps.

But that's not the only team-wide gifts we'll see. Oh no. Secret social media superstar Luke Kornet got in on the action with the Westchester Knicks:

We gotcha Luke! SBNation >> Bleacher Report and Luke Kornet >> everyone.

The Knicks organization threw a Christmas party for the team and their families. I can't tell you much about this party except that there was a caricaturist, a photo booth, and Kyle O'Quinn's mom:

Looks like Doug alright.

Mama O'Quinn dunking Kyle's head? OK!

#Squad!! (Don't miss Joakim Noah in the back there.)

Other players sent our their own holiday messages, which is how Willy Hernangomez let us on to the fact that the Knicks have their own personalized weights:

And before you envy the big baller lifestyle too much, ponder this:

After the Christmas-time swoon, the team got back up and ended the year strong, although not without some casualties:

Nevertheless, they persisted. Our mighty Turkish center summed it up well: it was a tough year — for all of us.

(Although hopefully most of you had fewer injuries!)

That's the past and it's time for the new! Some new year good wishes from various 'bockers, with some accompanying hand gestures:

Have a happy and colorful 2018!

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2017 >>>>>>> 2018 #WH14

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And finally, this little video of New Year's resolutions, which judging by Ron's face was shot before the New Orleans game. Look at these boys, so clean and good and earnest (yes Doug, yes!), it just makes me happy.

Our New Year's resolutions. Tell us yours ⬇️

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Happy New Year! Goodbye 2017! Don't let the door hit you on the way out! Read more books! Go the Knicks!