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Pelicans 123, Knicks 118 (OT): Knicks needed extra time to complete their tank masterpiece


New Orleans Pelicans v New York Knicks Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

LOLZ, that game was trash. The New Orleans Pelicans apparently celebrated Mardis Gras a month early, stumbling around Madison Square Garden for most of Sunday afternoon in a haze. The Knicks eventually built a 19-point third-quarter lead, only to blow that in every manner you’d expect: fouling too much, switching too much on defense, isolating too much on offense, you name it.

The Pelicans came all the way back to tie the game with 3.5 seconds left, leaving the Knicks with a chance to use a timeout and inbound the ball in their frontcourt. You know that that was the Pelicans who almost sank the game-winner in regulation.

How did they do it? New Orleans used their foul to give, the Knicks ran the exact same play over again, and the Pels picked off Jarrett Jack’s lazy-ass pass and came within a eyelash of killing the Knicks in a tidy 48 minutes.

I wish they had. More Anthony Davis heroics sank the Knicks anyway, and now they’re just that much more tired heading into tomorrow afternoon’s game against the Nets.

This was a cool highlight. I guess.

Recap to come.