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Grizzlies 105, Knicks 99: Scenes from a bad game that ended badly

Oops, refs did it again.

NBA: New York Knicks at Memphis Grizzlies Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Hey everybody.

I just got home from work and didn’t watch the Knicks lose to the Grizzlies, 105-99. From what I can tell from various comments, the Knicks played crappy defense, went down big, pulled close toward the end, and got reffed out of a potential win. I asked old friend Christian Baber to tell it like it is:

Referee Derrick Stafford called a questionable foul on KP with NYK down three after Jack got the board after FTs.

Grizzlies get possession back, then Lee and THJ forced a jump ball that was almost a steal.

Refs throw it up and it looks like Tyreke might have tipped it on the way up, which would have passed possession back to NY with like 20 secs to go or something. Instead they call bad throw and move to redo it.

Then Stafford calls a tech on Lee and I have no idea why. Tyreke hits the technical FT to put MEM up four and the game is basically over.

Enes Kanter had 20 points on a tidy 7-11 shooting. He was also a team-worst minus-13.

Recap to come...from Caleb Wilfinger, who actually watched the game. Poor bastard.