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This Week in Knicks Social Media: Field Trip!

In which the Knicks visit Salt Bae and the National Civil Rights musuem, and go bowling.


Greetings, internet citizens!

True to Knick form, a new year has come and with it the dog days of January, when both the beginning and end of the season seem very far away. Our little team chugs along, with some fine victories and some not so fine non-victories. The tide goes in, the tide goes out. You can’t explain that.

As the season churns on in mediocrity, the team Cruise Director assumes crucial importance, planning road trip outings and togetherness activities to keep the players motivated and the fans engaged. Togetherness! Is! Fun!

So lo, what see we from the recent Miami trip? What is this strange and beautiful juxtaposition? It is the internet machine and the TV box melded together, it is memes and teams, it is the Knicks en masse at Salt Bae’s steakhouse:

Had an amazing time at @nusr_et with my family! #Miami #NewYork #SaltBae

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Oh yes they got the full Salt Bae (aka Mr. Sprinkle Me Mane) experience:

I have questions.

  1. Is this steak as good as it looks?
  2. Did you peep the salt chalice bearer in the background?
  3. Was there a political reason for Enes Kanter’s absence?
  4. Seriously, this is hilarious.
  5. How?
  6. Why?
  7. Kristaps Tall.

If you would like to experience Mr. Sprinkle Me Mane in person, you’re in luck! Nusret Gökçe is opening his first New York restaurant at this very moment. Live like a Knickerbocker!

Keeping with the purple-ish lighting theme, the MSG Garden of Dreams foundation had its annual KnicksBowl, which involved Knicks, bowling, for charity. I don’t know exactly how bowling helps charity, but’s always fun to look at pictures of basketball players in bowling shirts...

...and to judge how well athletic talent transfers. It will not shock you to learn that having very long arms is conducive to superior kegling:

By the way, the Garden of Dreams is a pretty cool organization and you should buy one of those expensive raffle tickets or go bowling or whatever.

On MLK day Enes Kanter got into the spirit with an original(?) artistic contribution:

Again, I have questions:

  1. Is Enes really painting this?
  2. If so, who knew that he could do this?
  3. Tempera on canvas?
  4. Nice watch, Martin
  5. Can we auction Enes’s art for the Garden of Dreams?

Keeping with the King Day Spirit, while in Memphis the team took an opportunity to check out the National Civil Rights Museum (at the Lorraine Motel). You should take this opportunity to peep their off-day clothing.

Also, civil rights are important.

Enes checks out another painter’s technique...

...and gives the King many raised fists (of the good kind),

As well as his brother in non-violence, Gandhi:

Civil rights and non-violence: whether you’re from Turkey, Spain or the US, they’re universal:

Regular readers of this column will guess the other player who posted from his museum experience — that’s right, Ron Baker.

Keep fighting the good fight, Ron.

Lastly please feast your eyes on your favorite player’s favorite player, dropping more interview gold, just because:

Have a good week, lovelies!