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Heat 107, Knicks 103 (OT): Scenes from more Jarrett Jack than you’d hope for in overtime

Cool it with all the Jarrett Jack, Knicks.

NBA: New York Knicks at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Good gravy, the Knicks are bad right now. The Miami Heat farted around for 48 minutes (plus overtime) with the nastiest case of team-wide butterfingers I’ve seen in a while, and it was still good enough to get past the Knicks, who despite a miracle three from Doug McDermott to send the game into overtime (off a busted play, of course) played jusssst dumb enough to lose.

The first half was boring as hell, with the Knicks scoring 45 points and letting the Heat seize control late in the second quarter. The ‘Bockers didn’t shoot threes—0-3 from beyond the arc—as is their wont.

If you’re looking for positives from the first 24 minutes—um, Courtney Lee was pretty darn good (13 points in the first half, team-high 24 overall).

In the second half it was the second unit who helped the Knicks get back into the game and take a lead, spearheaded by Michael Beasley’s 11 fourth-quarter points. The Heat managed to go up 3 when Mr. McBuckets took over.

The overtime period was a whole lot of Jarrett Jack. As you can probably surmise from that last sentence, it wasn’t very fun or productive.

Knicks still suck. Recap to come.