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Nets 107, Knicks 105: Scenes from an interborough barnburner

A tough loss. A good game.

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The Knicks’ home-opener blowout win over Atlanta was a refresher in Easy Street. Tonight’s 107-105 loss in their road opener in Brooklyn was agony and ectasy and a little too much Caris LeVert. Even if you don’t win the fight, you want the other person to know they’ve been in a fight, and the Knicks fought all night.

The Nets shot 70% in the opening frame and led virtually wire-to-wire throughout the first half. LeVert was bringing it early and often.

Brooklyn was active and unselfish, leading to some beautiful stretches of play.

Frank Ntilikina was scoreless at the half, but still found ways to contribute.

New York was still within striking distance thanks to the scoring of Tim Hardaway Jr. and Enes Kanter, but man shall not live by shimmies and shoulder jabs alone. A third way was needed. A third way emerged. Name of Frankie Pull-Ups.

You think you find that exciting? Check out this guy.

Frank found Hardaway Jr. for three to give the Knicks their first lead since 2-0.

The third quarter scoring was exclusively Kanter, THJ and Ntilikina until a Ron Baker free throw with about three minutes left. Kevin Knox hit a number of big shots, including a three-pointer late-ish in the fourth to tie the game.

The two teams traded punches over the final few minutes, and in the end it boiled down to a showdown between Hardaway and LeVert. Tim blinked first, turning the ball over in the last minute. Then, after the Knicks tied it with 15.9 seconds left, here came that man again.

Recap to come.