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Bucks 124, Knicks 113: Scenes from another moral defeat

Hello darkness my old friend...

NBA: New York Knicks at Milwaukee Bucks Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Although the Knicks suffered their first double-digit loss of the season, this game was hanging in the balance in the final minutes. Here’s where the NBA is in 2018: the Knicks made 10 of 29 three-pointers, which not long ago would be something to write home about. But people don’t write anymore. They don’t even email. The future demands more, more, more; push push push! The Milwaukee Bucks did that, hitting 17 of 40 threes, including what seemed like 17 in the last three minutes, en route to the 124-113 win.

Of course the other thing Milwaukee had/has going for it is Giannis Antetokounmpo, who had it going tonight from the jump.

To a man the Bucks had it going from the jump.

Back to Giannis. Unguardable when he has a head of steam.

Unguardable when he doesn’t.

Still, strength, length and a willingness to try go a long way, which sort of rhymes with Vonleh.

Speaking of D, Frank Ntilikina brought some too.

Sometimes he doubled his pleasure.

The score was 23-17 Bucks after the first quarter. Sike! That was the score at the midway point of the first. That’s your new normal. I hope the NBA has a better grip on this “let’s change the settings to blow up offenses” thing than MLB and the NFL have shown. Doubt it.

The Bucks kept coming in waves, bloodying the Knicks figuratively and literally.

Maaaaaybe we should’ve seen that coming. Poor Ron. Can’t catch a break.

Ever. By which I mean frequently.

The Bucks opened up a double-digit lead, but Mario Hezonja, perhaps with Clarence Gaines’ words burning in his ear, joined with Damyean Dotson, Noah Vonleh and Allonzo Trier to bring the Knicks back within reach..

Vonleh end-to-end!

After that dunk, the Bucks went on a run to up their lead to 19 at the half. One reason why: there were too many occasions tonight where Knick dribblers did their job penetrating and kicked out to a teammate who either missed a gimme or refused to shoot.

Another reason: Khris Middleton.

In the third, the Knicks did what these Knicks do: they made a game of it. Trey Burke, perhaps with most of Knicks Twitter’s words burning in his ear, sparked the comeback.


You knew where this was headed.

How do you solve a problem like the Greek Freak? don’t.

But this season isn’t about solutions. It’s about coming back and not giving up, even when no solution is apparent. And it’s apparent these Knicks don’t give up. Dotson tied things up late.

So did Tim Hardaway Jr.

In the end, the Bucks were bigger, faster, stronger, longer, and better. Nothing you can do about that. But while New York left the fight bloodied and beaten, they got their shots in, too. This year, on a lot of nights, that’s their ceiling. Keep pressing up against it and one day they’ll break through.

If you want to talk about tonight’s game, be sure to check in with KnicksFanTV! CP and J. Ellis are live now and taking your questions at 657-383-1509.

Recap to come.