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Knicks Links 10/24/18: Party in the city where the heat is on

Also: Is Frank a point guard? and Ron goes on a food tour

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NBA: Miami Heat at New York Knicks Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports


What a fun first week of the season it’s been! And with the new season comes tons of new reading material. Let’s get into some of it!

Here’s something to listen to (no, you have another EDM/alt-rock mashup song stuck in your head, not me!):

What’s up with the Knicks today?

— Jonathan Macri at Knicks Film School wrote an excellent piece trying to answer the much-asked question, “Is Frank Ntilikina a point guard?” or more importantly, “What even is a point guard?”

— NYDN’s Stefan Bondy interviewed Dwyane Wade about the effect that David Fizdale can have on players and a franchise. All good things:

“I allowed him to take my game to the place where I could still play now at 36 without having the same athleticism and everything I had when he first came here,” Wade said in an interview with the Daily News. “It’s tough. He came in and I’m a six-time All-Star already. So to sit there and show me a different way, to be able to explain it to me, to be able to give me the vision, it’s a talent he has.

“And I know a lot of people in New York are seeing that. He knows how to get to people.”

— Marc Berman of the NY Post writes that Lance Thomas could be cruisin’ for the bench. Don’t tease me, Berms.

— Berman also wrote about David Fizdale’s return to Miami, and the irony that Fiz was with the Heat back in the day when Allan Houston tore their heart out, and now shares common office space with Houston in MSG.

— Over at The Athletic, Mike Vorkunov writes about the lasting impact that coaching the Heat had on Fizdale, and how that influence has carried over to the Knicks.

— Rob Wolkenbrod at Daily Knicks power-ranks the Knicks’ players so far this season.

@FrontOfficeEye (very good Twitter follow, by the way) broke down Tim Hardaway’s off-ball game over at Knicks Film School.

— A little bit of injury news for tonight’s tilt with Miami:

— Watching Ron Baker take a food tour of the Upper West Side is exactly as much fun as you’d think it would be (spoiler: very fun. Thanks, MSG!):