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Rasheed Wallace was a guest instructor at Sunday’s Knicks practice

The Knicks are back.

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Detroit Pistons Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks, losers of their last five games, could certainly use a spark. Head coach David Fizdale reached deep into his bag of tricks and pulled out something magnificent for his squad during Sunday’s practice: a special guest appearance from franchise legend Rasheed Wallace.*

*Some will say that Wallace, who only played 21 games for the Knicks, does not qualify as a “franchise legend.” To them, I say this...

Was Sheed’s tenure in New York awesome? Hell yes. Have the Knicks reached the playoffs since Sheed left? Hell no.

Anyway, the former All-Star big man was invited to practice to impart his unique brand of wisdom upon the Knicks’ young frontline. And impart he did.

“Bullshitting and lollygagging” — truly Sheed is a poet of the roundball.

Rookie Mitchell Robinson talked to Stefan Bondy about what it was like to work with Sheed:

“He pushed me to talk more on defense. I have a tendency to be a little quiet. And him, he brings it,” said Robinson, who didn’t watch Wallace much live because (want to feel old?), “that was way before my time.”

Thank, I feel terrible about my age.

Long story short, the Knicks are gonna win tomorrow.