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This Week in Knicks Social Media: Simulacra

Baudrillard wins, Knicks do not.

Greetings, my loves. This week we are somewhat adrift and full of questions.

What is real? Where are we? How do we know that we are here? How do we know that what we are seeing is real?

The Knicks are more fun than they have been in years and yet they are losing. What is losing? Are we basing our lives off of nothing more than flickering images and constructed realities that never existed?

Who is the fictional character? Who is truly coming to New York? Is pizza an open-faced sandwich?

So many signs but what do they refer to?

Our First Lady of the Knicks met with our (former) First Lady of the United States, a woman who really got more votes for President than any white man in history and yet is not President.

How is that real?

Our Center relays a message that a game altering foul both did and did not exist.

A penalty without a foul. You can feel the punishment but you can’t commit the sin.

If you’re a basketball player, can you also be a wrestler? If you’re always joking, are you also ‘really serious’?

How do we create our personae?

(I want to live in the alternate KANTER STRIKE universe. It looks like more fun.)

How do we see ourselves? How do we know ourselves to be ourselves? How have movies and TV formed our references? What is it to be disfigured on a holiday for disfigurement?

Does a scar make you a Chucky or Harry Potter?

How do you know? Who is a hero? What is a villain?

Can Harry Potter be summoned at will?

(Does Enes think we don’t know who Daniel Radcliffe is?)

How can we tell what is real around us? What is more true than the love of a dog?

But what if the dog never really existed?

Is a real fake dog fake or real?

Has Joe Kelly become more sticky, just through words? Or do we no longer refer to Joe Kelly at all, but rather a form of motor oil?

Can ball lie?

Can a real person to rate the ratings of their own projected person? Is this real or hyperreal?

Does who you are in the league depend on who you are in the not-league? How does anyone know who anyone is?

(And how can I present Mr. Young with a piece of my mind?)

Lastly, can players please stop reposting boring pictures of themselves from the Knicks account? Wheels within wheels, sure, but a little more effort, please.

I have no answers, but feel free to pose more questions Friday night at the meetup!