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Game Preview: Knicks at Pelicans - 11/16/18

AD the Voice.

Whew boy. It just don’t come easy for the Knickerbockers. New York (4-11) travels to New Orleans (7-7) tonight. Anthony Davis — if for some reason you made it here to this website and remain blissfully unaware — is one the top two or three players in the league on both sides of the ball, and his compadre Jrue Holiday is no slouch either.

New Orleans is putting up the third most points per game in the league (117) and they’re tied for second in assists. The good news is they’ve been struggling, losers of seven out of their last ten games. They lost on Wednesday night to Minnesota in a positively Knicks-ian way. Got down by quite a bunch, struggled and clawed their way back into the game only to have this happen in the waning minutes.

That’s a nutty bar. Hey look— maybe the Pels are still feeling charitable and will let the Knicks sit on their dock and get a bite to eat.

Get a load of Davis’ dad giving the Knicks the stinkeye. I guess that means them Yankee boys ain’t welcome. That’d sure be swell if they was though.

Projected Starters

Louisiana native Mitchell Robinson gets to play in his home state despite an ankle injury from last game. Surprise! Hopefully the kid’s not hobbled like when he came back last game.

Robinson has also trained with Anthony Davis. Hopefully he’s at full strength and up to the task, because he’s got AD all to himself to start the night.

Best part of Mitch being in is that we don’t need to sit through Enes Kanter trying to convince the people that his singular pursuit of rebounds and points begets the trappings of a good basketball player, despite shirking the myriad responsibilities of a being good teammate. At least not right from the tip.

Key Matchup

Good luck to MitchRob & Co. with this Anthony Davis humanoid. Who’s gonna put a body on him? Who’s gonna get out to guard him on the perimeter? Who’s gonna tag him to slow his roll? Who’s gonna got their shot packed? Who’s gonna get their muzzle whomped?


Goodness gracious. It just doesn’t get any easier for the Knicks. I don’t think you should anticipate anything here. This one is gonna hit early and it’s gonna be hot. A freakish zap.

Knicks by -29.

Warm Up Music

Not that you should care what I think.