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Game Preview: Knicks at Celtics - 11/21/18

Let’s get Boston back on track, shall we?

Here comes another Nor’easter. The Celtics (9-8) were largely thought to have a walkover regular season. Cruising to 50+ wins and probably a first seed in the playoffs. Now they’re tinkering with the starting lineup and sporting one of the worst offenses in the league. According to they have a 104.3 ORtg. That’s worse than the Knicks! Wicked fucking bad, dude. New York (4-14) is coming off a tough loss last night to Portland who just outpaced them. Heck of an effort from the Knicks. They seem to have no trouble competing against teams that don’t reside in Florida.

Winning is another story. Competing is starting to become a welcome part of the team’s DNA. David Fizdale has done a wonderful job getting these youngsters to fight their way through adversity. They are still young and struggle to get over the top. Fiz’s lineup tinkering may play a role but it’s clearly in an effort to find the best rotation he can. The pieces that uplift. How can he make the sum of the parts greater than the whole.

Boston is finding themselves in a similar position. Gordon Hayward hasn’t gotten comfortable and the Celtics’ youngsters are experiencing growing pains. So Brad Stevens has shifted his starters to get quite a bit larger with the insertion of Aron Baynes. Nevertheless the Celtics succumbed to Kemba Walker the Katana Stalker on Monday night.

Figuring out the rotation is a delicate balance.

Projected Starters

Key Matchup

It will be interesting to see if this invigorating version of Emmanuel Mudiay we’ve seen the past several games wants to bully Kyrie Irving. According to Basketball Reference Mudiay has en eFG% of .566! According to David Fizdale he is the best passer on the team! According to me he doesn’t fall down all the time for no reason anymore. He did appear to think about falling on a clunk-tastic three point heave late last night. He held his ground though. Irving is some basketball amalgamation of a weathervane and a unicycle thats been struck by lightning. Just stay in front of him, and push him down if you can’t keep him in front.


The Knicks used up a lot of energy keeping pace with the Blazers last night. The Celtics have presumably been at home in the dark, perfectly still, seething with unquenchable rage since they were bested by the Hornets. Marcus Morris will try exact some foolish twin rage on Mitchell Robinson. The Knicks will just wonder what is wrong with them.

Knicks by -1.

Warm up music

Thanksgiving. You’re going to your dumb home. You feel like a punk kid.

Happy Thanxgrieving.